Selling Property With Neilen’s Conveyancing Northern Rivers

Most sellers want to ensure a fast and efficient sale of their property.

At Neilen’s Conveyancing Northern Rivers operating throughout NSW, we can guarantee that the sale of your property is smooth and hassle-free.

We have years of expertise in transferring ownership of property from sellers to buyers and know exactly what to look for to make sure that there are no unforeseen issues in selling your property.

With extensive experience and a dedicated team, we are prepared to assist you!

Finalising The Sale – Settlement

The settlement is the completion of the transaction.

During the exchange of contracts, a settlement date is agreed to, which is most commonly 28 days after exchange unless otherwise agreed to. Before settlement, the purchaser’s conveyancer will draft a settlement statement which adjusts council rates, water/sewer access rates, water usage and anything else relevant to the property. This statement will be checked and approved by Neilen’s Conveyancing Norther Rivers following your instructions.

The settlement process is performed by the PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) Platform, which was mandated in New South Wales and is yet to be mandated by all other states. PEXA is an easy way to transact the sale and obtain your funds generally within 24 hours.

Once settlement has occurred, we will notify you and the agent. The agent will be authorised to release the deposit to you and the keys to the purchaser.

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